Your Applause Academy: Part One – Plan your Speaker Series

In Part One, you find clarity about what you want to accomplish with your speaker or storytelling series. We’ll start with the end in mind and build toward your vision. Your workbook supports you to integrate these new ideas. You will connect with other members in the private members Facebook page and be invited to join Elizabeth for her Q & A sessions.

There will be time to consider your topic or theme and the mission and vision of your series. You will define your primary and secondary audiences, and how to do some market research. We cover how to choose a name for your series and branding basics. You will reflect on why people want to attend your series and consider how to stay in touch with them.

This is the perfect fit for someone starting out or wanting to become clear about what they really want to accomplish with their own speaker or storytelling series.

Part One Bonuses

  • Private FB Group
  • Quarterly Live Q & A Sessions
  • Article – 5 Ways to get support for your business at no cost
  • Ten Ice Breakers/Warmups

Remember our money back guarantee (1 month) and you keep the bonuses.

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