Bundle Your Applause Academy to Grow Fast (Lifetime)+ Mentors Circle (1 year)

You secure great savings when you invest in the Bundle + Mentors Circle.  You get all the individual course bonuses, plus 50% discount for The Mentors Circle, a monthly group meeting with Elizabeth (you can renew annually). 

Part One – Plan your Speaker Series

In Part 1, you become clear about what you want to accomplish with your speaker or storytelling series. We’ll start with the end in mind and build toward your vision. Your workbook will support you to integrate the new ideas you’ll learn.  There will be time to consider your topic, your audience, your mission and vision for your project. You will define your primary and secondary audience, what you will focus on, where you will meet and how often. Why will people want to attend, and you will learn how to stay in touch with them.  This is the perfect fit for someone starting out or wanting to become clear about what they really want to accomplish with a speaker or storytelling series.  We’ll consider the advantages and disadvantages of hosting your series online, at in-person events or a hybrid series.

Part Two – Launch your Speaker Series

In Part Two, you will gain confidence to produce an event or series. Start here when you have become clear around who you want to bring together around which topic or cause and you have a clear mission and vision for your speaker or storytelling series.

You will get the self-confidence you need to launch your own series. You will learn many ways to find great speakers. You will understand how to set the tone for your events and be a better host, emcee or facilitator at live, online or hybrid events.

We’ll cover some great ways to grow your audience. We’ll outline how to find, work with and retain volunteers. This will be your shortcut to grow your own series.

Part Three – Earn with your Speaker Series

In Part Three, I will teach you to develop a strong sponsorship package and you will identify several sponsors for your own speaker or storytelling series.  You will learn about future products to consider adding as your series expands. I will outline the importance of understanding the differences between contractors and staff to keep you on the right side of the law. As your series expands, you will need to understand how to delegate more effectively to your team. You don’t need to do it alone. There are people who want your series to expand, and we’ll talk about how to find and work with them.

Mentors Circle

Monthly 2 hour ‘Mentors Circle’ group meetings with Elizabeth Verwey (Value $1,200 for one year).  These group meetings include A Mentors Moment by Elizabeth Verwey with brainstorming and problem solving in small groups with peers.

When you sign up, you start your term at the beginning of the next business quarter (January, April, July, October) and it runs for a full year. You will have the option to renew annually at a discount.  When you purchase the Bundle, these monthly group meetings will continue to be available to you at a discounted price, after 12 months. You may want to continue to grow your series with this community. This network will become your secret power.

Bundle Bonuses

  • Private FB Group
  • Quarterly Live Q & A Sessions
  • Delegation tips and tricks
  • Article – No Cost Volunteer Support
  • Twenty Ice Breakers and Warmups
  • The Mentors Circle book (digital)
  • My Business Ate my Life (digital)
  • Plus: Monthly “Get Loads Done” production meetings (Value $1,200 for one year). Three hours of focused working with peers to accomplish any goals you desire.
  • New Habits to reach your Goals – Coming Soon!
  • Sponsorship Planning checklist – Coming Soon!
  • Lifetime Access to courses + a 50% discount for The Mentors Circle for 12 months

Remember our money back guarantee (1 month) and you keep the bonuses.

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